2021 Web Design Trends

The world of web design is always changing, and there are always some new trends appearing to the market. 2021 is no different, we are seeing a multitude of new trends coming to the web design world, many of which are a lot more different than what you would imagine. With that in mind, here you have a list with the most important web design trends at this time.

3D colors

It’s very important to provide a unified, engaging and rewarding experience. Being able to do that really helps, and it conveys a sense of value and professionalism. With help from 3D coloring, you will find it easier than ever to express your brand’s vision and ideas. Plus, 3D colors help bring in an evolution, while pushing the process to new heights all the time.

Dark mode

A lot of people like the idea of having a dark mode. Not only does it make self-expression easier, but the dark color palettes are visually stimulating and interesting. You get to be as creative as you want, without having to rush in any way. On top of that, it’s easier to convey your message, which is something to take into consideration.

Experimental Typefaces

Adding Experimental Typefaces to your website is great because you can have unique, impressive art pieces that you can try out and enjoy all the time. It’s an engaging experience, and one that becomes visually stimulating.

Using text for homepage art

Text as homepage art is quite new, and it maintains a simplistic web design. However, it can still be very informative and it can help users in a variety of ways.

Black and White Illustrations

The use of Black and White Illustrations is a very good idea, because it helps set a certain mood. It still allows you to come up with creative ways to interact with the audience. At the same time, it’s very interesting, and the results themselves can be very good.

Collage Art

A great way to make an impact is to create a collage with various images. It makes it easy to captivate the user’s attention, and it’s visually stimulating too. That makes it the best of both worlds, and you will still find it empowering and creative at the same time.

Colorful Backgrounds

Adding some color into the mix never hurts, if anything it adds more scope and value. The best part is that you can be as creative as you want, while still showing off something unique and different.

In the end, there are a multitude of different web design trends that you can adhere to, and these are just a few. You always want to really push the boundaries in a creative way, and the process itself can be very empowering. It’s important to mix and match options so you can get the right ideas. It’s a great opportunity to follow these web design trends and ensure that they give you the right approach. It’s always worth the effort!

2019 Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends in 2019

Web design is a fundamental part of web development that is subject to change. So what catches a particular audience and prospective customer today, might seem stale to them tomorrow. This makes following the latest web design trends very important. With several online businesses looking at 2019 and the possible web design trends, let’s take a quick look at what online business should focus on in 2019.

Website Speed

As the years roll by, customers are opened to some options and as such one major component of 2019 web design trend is website speed. This is because customers want to make use of websites that can be accessed speedily and immediately. So website design should incorporate speed alongside a colorful design and well-structured layout. A website can be so attractive yet slow, and this will discourage customers.

Simple Designs

Gone are the days when complex designs were attractive to online users. What is obtainable in these present times in line with technological advancements is a simple well-structured design. This has been the trend for the better part of this year 2018 and will become more prominent in 2019 as customers will prefer a simply designed website over a complex one for its being easy to understand and it’s fast loading abilities.

Mobile Friendliness

The world of technology becomes more mobile by the day and this is affirmed by Google has it has recorded more searches from mobile searches than any other search. This is why it has made its way to one of the web design trends in 2019. So businesses and websites owners, as well as designers, are expected to make sure web designs are made to be mobile friendly. This way they are easily accessible on mobile devices creating the same or a better user experience than being accessed on a desktop computer.

New Design Layouts

As the world advances technologically, more web designs are being reflective of new designs, and this is a web design trend of 2019. While many websites designers are more about the simple designs, others are all out for a new web design look which is the broken grid, and asymmetrical look and the latter is beginning to gain ground in the sphere of web design.

2019 is going to usher in a new era of web design with the introduction of a new design layout to compete alongside the existing one. The introduction of Chatbots and machine learning, on the other hand, is also going to be a novel trend and more of mobile-friendly designs will also be introduced. All in all, it’s going to be a new era of web design in 2019.